Solidarity with Egyptian people: John Rees 5-2-2011

Solidarity with Egyptian people: John Rees 5-2-2011

In Tahrir square last Tuesday, as many other occasions when Egypt Muslims intended to pray they were protected by Egypt Christians. I just received this message from my friend in Tahrir square now, they decided that tomorrow will be a day for the martyrs, and the Christian mass will be set in Tahrir square and Christians will be protected by the Muslims.

So my message today to Cameron is

Don`t lecture us about British values

 I am interested in Egyptian values

 I am interested in the Egyptian revolution Let`s be stupidly clear

  Every Muslim I talked with from Egypt

Every Christian I talked with from Egypt

Every Socialist I talked with from Egypt  Said that

  ………….. this is the people revolution against bureaucracy, the murders of torture…….. that`s the revolution in Egypt ………….. What incredibly brave people they are, organized so brilliantly.

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